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Morabito Art Villa

Website  Development


Morabito Art Villa was ready to evolve into a newer, sleeker version of their current website –one that spoke to today’s modern technology. Ultimately,  Morabito wanted its brand and website to stand out from the competition with a distinct look and design that reflects its distinct points of difference: an art museum, villas, and one of the best day clubs in Bali. They also wanted a visually modern site that was simple for viewers to navigate, but also equally simple to update in the backend.


To ensure that Morabito Art Villas website stood out and evoked the same feeling as modern art does, we chose a color palette and imagery that, while still being professional and appropriate for the audience, stood out from the look and feel of their competition. Our team designed a website that was modern and artful yet still showcased their iconic villas, events, and art museum.

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